Chinese man impregnates Nigerian woman in Shagamu, leaves when she rejects child sale


A Chinese man working in Nigeria has allegedly abandoned a Nigerian lady and their unique-looking baby in Shagamu, Ogun State, after demanding that she sell the child to him, according to a video circulating on social media platforms.

The incident reportedly began when the Chinese man, whose identity remains undisclosed, and the young Nigerian lady began a romantic relationship.

A photo of the Nigerian lady alongside her Chinese baby. Photo credit: @yorubaness Source: Twitter

Their love affair appeared to be harmonious, but it took a heart-wrenching turn as the man prepared to return to his home country.

The mother, whose identity is also undisclosed, gave birth to a baby whose physical features resembled those of the Chinese father.

According to the video attributed to @KoikiMedia, which has garnered significant attention online, the Chinese man insisted that the mother should sell their child to him before he returned to China.

The mother, however, adamantly refused to part with her baby, rejecting the proposal to exchange the child for money.

As a result of this dispute, the man reportedly made the heartbreaking decision to abandon both the mother and child, leaving them behind in Shagamu.

In the video footage, the mother is seen in a public setting, holding her unique-looking baby, as the caption suggests the dire situation they now find themselves in.

“This young lady was impregnated by a Chinese expatriate somewhere along Sagamu Abeokuta expressway. The affair was blissful until it was time for him to return to his country; he then demanded that she ‘sell’ the baby to him, or else he wouldn’t fend for it. She declined to sell the baby, and he has decided to cut off mother and child,” the video caption read.


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